How Does Invoice Central Work?

Paying your bills online: Smart.

Using one site with one login to pay multiple vendors: Brilliant!




Convenient, time-saver

Start using Invoice Central to view and store invoices from multiple vendors. Only one login to remember and a site that gives you real control and management over your payables. It’s easy to sign-up and even easier to use.


Never miss a payment deadline

With Invoice Central, you’ll always know when your invoices are coming due. And, you can schedule payments so you’ll never miss a due date. Also, payment scheduling with Invoice Central makes it easy to take advantage of any early-pay discounts your vendors offer.


Safe and secure

Invoice Central, a service of Billtrust, is certified by Norton and TRUSTe and audited by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Standards Council. You can have confidence that all your data will always be completely safe.

Receive invoices immediately and you choose how to handle them: via email, or online through Invoice Central




Prefer email?

Invoice Central has you covered and you’ll never miss an invoice again. You get daily email notification with a PDF attachment of new invoices.


Or go online

If you prefer, jump online at Invoice Central (remember, one login) to view and manage all your invoices from multiple vendors.

Simplify your life. And un-clutter your desk at the same time.

No more digging through stacks of paper to find an invoice. Invoice Central stores them securely for you. With less time searching, you can spend more time growing your business.




Store and Archive

You can store your entire invoice history and access it anytime, 24/7, in a completely secure environment.


Import your invoices

Our easy export feature makes it a snap to export your invoices to QuickBooks or other popular accounting software.

Say goodbye to writing and mailing multiple checks.




Pay your invoices quick

You’ve got the ability to pay your invoice in a few clicks, so you can focus on other more important things.



Schedule a Payment

No more forgetting to make a payment — schedule payments in advance and receive reminders on upcoming invoices due.



Pay by credit card or ACH

Invoice Central handles seamless and safe Automated Clearing House payments. And based on vendor availability, it’s easy to pay by credit card.


Don’t miss a quick-pay discount

Invoice Central will calculate discounts for you when you pay early. Now it’s even easier to save the money you deserve.



View your Payment History

It’s easy to search your record of payments. And it’s easy to keep your records simple and up-to-date.

Ready to Enroll?

Now that you’ve learned everything there is to know about Invoice Central, let’s get started!

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Using Invoice Central doesn’t cost you a cent!




Easier for vendors

Less paperwork for you means less paperwork for the vendors who invoice you. That translates to less time spent on invoicing for both you and your vendors.


Saved paper costs

Reducing overhead costs for printing, mailing, and accepting paper checks is very attractive for vendors who are glad to extend the convenience of Invoice Central to you.

Your vendors. Your invoices. All in one place.

Rest easy. Invoice Central is 100% secure and our encryption ensures your data is fully protected.


Certified and Reliable

Invoice Central, a service of Billtrust, is certified by Norton and TRUSTe. You can have confidence that all your data will always be completely safe.

Now that you've learned everything there is to know about Invoice Central, let's get started!

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